Big puzzle- start here….

Let’s begin, if you are wanting to understand the state of our world and form a coherent picture you need all the pieces of the puzzle- all the information is out there but it looks incoherent and confusing, so lets push through the muddy waters add chlorine and clear it up!

Try imagine a pie chart, segmented into various pieces, each piece of the pie is a segment of the larger reality of what shapes our world and how we perceive it. For example: 18% media control, 25% big pharma, 28% military- industrial complex and so on.

I will attempt to unpack this segment by segment and hopefully make it clearer and form a solid picture of how it has happened that we have been subjected to a matrix of lies and untruths and when people say we are being manipulated and controlled, others cannot scream CONSPIRACY NUT as you can show them how this has come about with facts!

Anyhow, the best prison is one you cannot see- so people who don’t see it can be forgiven as this construct has been well developed for a very long time.

Think of this- 10 000yrs ago there were Pharaohs with slaves who did their bidding, building and toiling their whole lives to keep alive and living in a way that was obviously terrible and inhumane, keeping the top 1% happy with all they desired(especially power)-

500yrs ago there were kings and queens in most countries, with serfs doing their bidding, working their whole lives to keep them in their large castles and toiling the fields for their big banquets- the 1% of royalty and nobility were quite happy.

Cut to 2013 present day, we are still enslaved serfs, working and toiling to make ends meet to survive- making the top 1% of billionaires very comfy(they control governments and set policy, and if you think its the other way round ‘you’re living in a dream world Neo and it’s time to wake up!’) as an addendum to that you just need to look at the connections between people who are or were in big corporations and now in government and vice versa- all over the world but especially in europe and US.

So, if you think you are free- think again… and I will tell you why.

to be continued…..


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