Keep this in mind- shining a light on whistleblowers

People as a whole out there are naturally skeptical and paradoxically they are very trusting- especially when it comes to authority figures. So before you dismiss the information that appears here- think about this…

If the people in authority ie. doctors, scientists, researchers, presidents, ceo’s and so forth, saying certain things pertaining to all spheres of our lives are not telling the truth all of the time; does it not behoove some of us out there to point out certain anomalies or untruths, to bring us all into the picture? And when we do that, why do people scream conspiracy theory? Do they honestly believe that they have some ulterior motive? why would someone go to all the trouble of sifting through all the information available about a certain subject, bring it to light for the public at large; face possible vilification and harsh treatment (and in the case of researchers and professionals who face losing their reputation and jobs and in some cases even their lives!), they have absolutely nothing to gain. So why do they do it? For the benefit of the public, regardless of what they may have to go through, so that the public is informed and can make decisions for themselves! And we are not talking about matters of opinion- lets take smoking. 40 years ago doctors were in adverts PROMOTING certain brands of cigarettes(I have personally seen one of them) and the common idea was that they were not at all harmful to your health. Then insiders decades later came forward, saying that nicotine was addictive and that there were hundreds of carcinogens present in one smoke and that the corporate execs and Ceo’s knew this but it was big business, so they just denied it! Studies by scientists were done- FUNDED BY THE TOBACCO COMPANIES- refuting what these insiders were saying. Eventually, the body of evidence became so huge that they capitulated and admitted some of these FACTS. So as we can see, the people that came forward brought this all about, if they hadn’t, people wouldn’t have had the informed choice they have today.

So, don’t disregard some of the channels of information that come forward today, especially when there is data, facts and informed opinion from people within these certain spheres- because remember, these whistleblowers have nothing to gain but a lot to lose [ whereas the people refuting these findings have everything to gain and plenty to lose if the truth is discovered].

“There is a principle which is a bar against all information, which is proof against all argument, and which cannot fail to keep man in everlasting ignorance.  That principle is condemnation without investigation.”  – Herbert Spencer.

Just saying….


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