Are We Really Free?

It is high time that people wake up from their slumber. We are here to experience life not to be controlled.
The more you delve into the control system, the matrix, you soon find out the amount of info that is kept from us- that would help create a better world for us all ie.
unlimited free energy, everyone having the basic necessities-food,water,house(don’t laugh- more than half the worlds population don’t have all those things).
People who control energy- oil, electricity, atomic- have squeezed every cent from us for their own gain. Concurrently, they have worked in cahoots with western/european govrnmnts to suppress any form of free or cheap energy as it would put them out of business.
Here are 2 examples: ‘they’ suppressed a motor engine that could run on salt water 40yrs ago and they purposefully made the petroleum driven engine consume as much as it does when you could have easily driven 1000kms on 1 tank but it would mean that they sell less oil!
The other is this- they say solar energy is too expensive and that running the energy needs of a city or country would require a solar panel array spanning 100’s of sq kms BUT that’s only because they want to control and charge for it!!! If every building and household had solar panels on its roof we could have free energy!!
They have overpriced the raw materials for solar so it doesn’t seem viable ON PURPOSE. If mass production of solar panels started worldwide it would be cheap as chips!!
They know all this and stop it every step of the way. Time to wake up- they are playing us and we just say Oh Well, that’s just the way it is!


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