A World Ruled by Fear

Fear is epidemic. It permeates all spheres. It is there when you turn on your tv, when you open the paper, when you go to the shops and when you go online. Fear is an emotion- it is not real. It forms in the fight or flight part of the brain and cripples your senses. It needs to be stopped.

The groups that control this fear- mongering control nearly all aspects of this 3D reality: economics, health, entertainment, military and politics. If you think that’s absurd, think again. A swiss study by a group of scientists, using very sophisticated computers over a few years, discovered that most commerce and money flow can be distilled into a 135 Mega- corporations- who are between themselves also connected.

From false flag events, to shows and movies depicting grim futures for mankind- there is a pervasiveness and onslaught of this type of reality. They need to do this in order to keep control. That is what we must realize in order to Stop the fear. Ignorance is bliss and that is what they are counting on. Find out what’s going on, research- find connections and holes in the official story. Then when you realize its an illusion created by them to hold You in fear- you can tell them to fuck off and flip them the bird and LET GO of the fear.

Over and out- Peace and Lovelight


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