ROTHSCHILDS: PAPAL AND ROYAL KNIGHTS, The Nazi Zionist Policy Which Rules The World Today

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There seems to be a misunderstanding regarding exactly what the NWO and the burgeoning world government are really comprised of. Some quarters seem to misunderstand the interlocking web between the crown, the vatican, jews, zionism, and the knights of Malta, or at least some pretend to not to understand. This should make it very simple to connect the dots. There is a tendency to soft sell vatican involvement. Anyone who would have you believe that pedophilia is a series of isolated events when it comes to the church is a liar. Perhaps it is only a matter of rank. The queen of England curtsies to the pope. That is really all we need say concerning this. Dutch lawyers from 5 May 1945 to date who have taken the oath to the Queen and have supported  the continuation of the Hitler-Cabinet through the Netherlands and it is still ruling the world…

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We are a Slave Species(but only through ignorance)

Ancient astronaut theories make a good case for alien beings visiting and being present in our distant past. Through the use of the Sumerian tablets, biblical stories, hieroglyphs and ancient indigenous peoples drawings – there is a vast amount of hidden knowledge there to be deciphered. There is just too much there to be brushed off as made up stories and mythology. Then you get Adams Calender. If you’re not familiar with this ancient stone structure I suggest you visit Michael Tellingers website and read the book Slave species of God.

This ancient site is hundreds of thousands of years old(claimed at least 400 000) and is to date the oldest known intelligently built structure in the world! Not only that, the area surrounding it is covered by ancient goldmining tunnels from around the same time period. Now, according to most of what we know about mans evolution, this would be an absolute impossibility!! Common thought is that around that era we were nothing short of stone throwing neanderthals, with very limited intelligence. So how could these two scenarios exist side by side? Well, insert a technologically advanced race of beings that want to exploit our natural resources(mono atomic gold- look this up as its different from normal gold), and the riddle is solved, somewhat. Where does the jump in our evolution come in? Gene/dna manipulation by our alien visitors, to make us smart enough to grind away and do the heavy labor and lifting for them. There is also the case of inbreeding between alien males and human females(but that came later, once they were nearly done extracting the mono-atomic gold), a few decided to stay here on earth and create a bloodline and rule us for their own ends and purposes(these are varied and complicated so I won’t go into that now).

Thus were created the Bloodlines of which bluebloods aka royalty, came from. They ruled from then on, back then quite overlty until 100 or so years ago, where they have ruled more covertly and insinuated themselves into all possible real positions of power and influence ie. illuminati/secret societies(Thule, Masons ect.)

This isn’t just happenstance, it is calculated chillingly intelligent well thought out and planned domination of the human species. These bloodlines are not human(entirely), which is why they are so cold and dispassionate and can seemingly do all this to us without much care or thought for our general well- being. They see themselves as above us, rulers- mandated by superior occult(hidden) knowledge which they have possessed for thousands of years. We are their cattle, their goyim, their slaves.

Thus we find ourselves now in the 21st century, still slaves to a system- of control of mind numbing repetition of generational brainwashing- that this is life and this the only way it can be. On the surface it seems like we are free beings, living our lives as best we can but the systems put in place by ‘them’ are limiting and detrimental  and knowledge that has been hidden from us is purposeful and damaging. A few examples would be our limitless potential as spiritual beings, artificial divisions through race and nationality, free energy and the use of money as a means of control(you cant eat, live anywhere, or have anything without money), this is a fallacy. This is why the bloodlines control the flow of money, as it directly controls us.

There is much much more on this subject to thrash out, this is but the tip of the proverbial iceberg. Much more to come…

A World Ruled by Fear

Fear is epidemic. It permeates all spheres. It is there when you turn on your tv, when you open the paper, when you go to the shops and when you go online. Fear is an emotion- it is not real. It forms in the fight or flight part of the brain and cripples your senses. It needs to be stopped.

The groups that control this fear- mongering control nearly all aspects of this 3D reality: economics, health, entertainment, military and politics. If you think that’s absurd, think again. A swiss study by a group of scientists, using very sophisticated computers over a few years, discovered that most commerce and money flow can be distilled into a 135 Mega- corporations- who are between themselves also connected.

From false flag events, to shows and movies depicting grim futures for mankind- there is a pervasiveness and onslaught of this type of reality. They need to do this in order to keep control. That is what we must realize in order to Stop the fear. Ignorance is bliss and that is what they are counting on. Find out what’s going on, research- find connections and holes in the official story. Then when you realize its an illusion created by them to hold You in fear- you can tell them to fuck off and flip them the bird and LET GO of the fear.

Over and out- Peace and Lovelight

Are We Really Free?

It is high time that people wake up from their slumber. We are here to experience life not to be controlled.
The more you delve into the control system, the matrix, you soon find out the amount of info that is kept from us- that would help create a better world for us all ie.
unlimited free energy, everyone having the basic necessities-food,water,house(don’t laugh- more than half the worlds population don’t have all those things).
People who control energy- oil, electricity, atomic- have squeezed every cent from us for their own gain. Concurrently, they have worked in cahoots with western/european govrnmnts to suppress any form of free or cheap energy as it would put them out of business.
Here are 2 examples: ‘they’ suppressed a motor engine that could run on salt water 40yrs ago and they purposefully made the petroleum driven engine consume as much as it does when you could have easily driven 1000kms on 1 tank but it would mean that they sell less oil!
The other is this- they say solar energy is too expensive and that running the energy needs of a city or country would require a solar panel array spanning 100’s of sq kms BUT that’s only because they want to control and charge for it!!! If every building and household had solar panels on its roof we could have free energy!!
They have overpriced the raw materials for solar so it doesn’t seem viable ON PURPOSE. If mass production of solar panels started worldwide it would be cheap as chips!!
They know all this and stop it every step of the way. Time to wake up- they are playing us and we just say Oh Well, that’s just the way it is!